BackupPC 3 – Nginx

  Install "fcgiwrap" Deb system: CentOS:   Add to autorun and run: backuppc.conf  

Heroku – Ruby on Rails

System preparation Install RVM Go to the site and look at the installation commands: Add a user to the group: rvm:x:1001:ubuntu My username in the system – ubuntu   Then from the user:

AWStats – Nginx

  AWStats is by default tuned to work with the Apache log, in this article I will show how to get statistics from Nginx logs. Install Awstats and the GeoIP module Install the Perl handler

Terraform – Installation

Installing Terraform is quite simple, since it is written in Go, just download the archive with the binary file. Go to the download page: Download the archive, extract the binary file and move it to "/usr/bin/" (or write it to PATH) Check: If you use the "bash" or "zsh" shell, you can add autocompletion … Continue reading "Terraform – Installation"