OpenVPN – All traffic through VPN

Goal: Allow traffic from any device via VPN. The maximum convenience is connecting new devices without creating accounts, creating passwords, etc. Fast and encrypted connection. All steps were performed on CentOS 7. Install the EPEL repository if it is not already in the system and install the necessary packages: Create a configuration file:

OpenVPN – Site-to-Site

Goal: Link 2 remote nodes in between so that communication between them is "transparent". Channel stability, speed and, of course, safety are also important. Imagine that there are 2 nodes: Server – IP Client – IP Install OpenVPN on them CentOS: Ubuntu:

Docker Swarm over TLS

In this example, there are 3 servers with Docker installed on it. If docker is not installed, you can see the installation here. There will be one manager and two workers: Master – manager (IP: Slave_1 – worker (IP: Slave_2 – worker (IP: Required ports for Docker Swarm to work: 2376 and … Continue reading "Docker Swarm over TLS"

 Docker – API over TCP

All steps are relevant for distributions with systemd (tested on CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 18.04) We look at the Docker launch command: Ubuntu 18.04 has a different path, "/lib/systemd/system/docker.service"   We get something similar: Now create the "override.conf" file, just enter: We insert the following there: