Jenkins – Pipeline Credentials

  Create "Credentials" with type "Secret text". Fill in the ID and add a secret description optional. Add the following to Jenkinsfile: After that, you can use the variable "MY_PASSWORD", without fear that it will be shown in clear text.

Fastlane – Badge for iOS

The Badge plugin for Fastlane allows you to offer version numbers, release type, etc. On the MacOS collector, install the dependencies: Add a line to the project Gemfile: Add a block related to the badge to Fastfile and add the version number via a variable.  

Jenkins – Example DSL Pipeline

Sample Pipeline configuration file for a DSL module. This is a parameterized build. Jenkinsfile is located at the root of the repository.

Jenkins – Example DSL Multibranch Pipeline

Example Multibranch Pipeline configuration file for a DSL module, with a custom Bitbucket server. Which will include branches: "develop", "staging" and "master". Will store the last 15 builds. And look for Jenkins file along the path: ".jenkins/Jenkinsfile" Repository name: artem-dsl Owner (project name): dev Loans of Jenkins access to Bitbucket: svn-bibucket