FIX ERROR — Python2: PIP fails after upgrade

After upgrading PIP to CentOS 6, which still uses Python2.7, PIP for each command crashes with an error. For example:   Reason: PIP versions above 20.3 do not support Python2.7 Solution: Install latest supported version  

 S3 – Mounting in Linux

In order to mount an S3 Bucket as a file system, you need to install s3fs Create a directory to mount:   And add the following to "/etc/fstab":   Where: "artem-service-bucket:/upload/" – S3 bucket name and the directory inside the bucket to mount "url=,endpoint=eu-central-1" – the region where the S3 bucket is located "iam_role" – … Continue reading " S3 – Mounting in Linux"

 Terraform – AWS SSM: Extract content

The SSM Parameter Store contains the following JSON:   It is necessary to extract the login and password, and use their values in the Terraform code. To do this, you can use the following construction:   And use variables: