Nginx – Regular Expression Tester

  For quick testing of Nginx regular expressions, you can use a ready-made docker image. To do this, you need to clone the NGINX-Demos repository:   Follow to the “nginx-regex-tester” directory:   And launch the container using “docker-compose“:   And open the next page: http://localhost/regextester.php  

 MySQL – Reset root password

We stop the mysqld service and start it with the following keys:   Log in without a password:   And run:   Now the mysqld service running in the background needs to be stopped. We look at the process ID:   Kill the process:   And start the mysqld service:

Nginx – SSL A+

To enhance cryptography, you must use the Diffie-Hellman parameter file with a length of at least 4096 bits. Let’s create a file like this: Will be added to the Nginx config file: You can use the following service to check: