BASH – List based FOR loop

  For example, there is a file “/home/artem/IP” with IP addresses on which you want to execute a remote command, the FOR loop will look like this:  

Linux/Unix – dd progress status 

  To display the copy status using the “dd” utility, the “status = progress” key is used, but in the old version of “dd” this key is not yet available, so you can use the “pv” utility to see progress Example:

Linux – Restoring standard file and directory permission

  Find all the directories that are on the path “/home/artem” and set them with the standard rights to the directory “755“, also find all the files and set the rights “644“   Not all directories use the rights “755“, for example for the directory “.ssh” the rights “600” are necessary

Git – Diff file between last and last commit

This line checks the change of the “configmap.yml” file between the last and the last but one commit, if there was a change in it, then the configmap update in Kubernetes is performed.