AWS – S3 Allow Access for Organization Members

In order to allow read access from the S3 Bucket for all members included in the organization, the following policy must be applied to the S3 Bucket:   Where “stackset-lambdas” is the S3 Bucket name and “o-xxxxxxxxxx” is your Organization ID.

AWS Transfer – Public FTP

AWS Transfer supports 3 protocols: SFTP, FTP, and FTPS. And only SFTP can have a public endpoint, FTP/FTPS can only be run inside a VPC. Also for login/password authorization, you must use a custom provider, you can find more information about this here. Goal: Create an AWS Transfer server for the FTP protocol, the service … Continue reading "AWS Transfer – Public FTP"

AWS – Lambda: kubectl

An example of how you can create entities in Kubernetes using AWS Lambda. The function will be in Python3, so we will use Kubernetes Python Client More usage examples can be found here. Since AWS Lambda does not support this package, we will pack the “kubernetes” and “boto3” modules in our function. “boto3” is needed … Continue reading "AWS – Lambda: kubectl"

AWS – Script to get metrics from CloudWatch

Python3 sample script to get metrics from AWS CloudWatch. In the example, we get the maximum value in the last minute and display only the value, this is necessary if you want to collect metrics for example in Zabbix.   Script: