Docker Compose – Setting log size limit

By default, Docker Compose does not set any size limits for logs. For example, let’s set the limit to 10 MB and the maximum number of files for rotation – 10.    

Nginx – Regular Expression Tester

  For quick testing of Nginx regular expressions, you can use a ready-made docker image. To do this, you need to clone the NGINX-Demos repository:   Follow to the “nginx-regex-tester” directory:   And launch the container using “docker-compose“:   And open the next page: http://localhost/regextester.php  

 Ansible Playbook – Install Docker on CentOS 7

The following example was taken as a Playbook. This Playbook runs on the “docker” host group, installs the necessary packages for Docker, adds the Docker repository, installs Docker, launches it and adds it to autorun. Also adds the user “artem” to the group “docker“   docker.yaml   Apply Playbook:

 Docker phpMyAdmin – Nginx reverse proxy

For a container with phpMyAdmin, you need to add a variable with an absolute path:     The “location” block for Nginx (change the proxy path to yours):   Now phpMyAdmin will be available along the path: