Kubernetes – Save all manifest of an existing cluster

  To save all manifests, create a BASH script:   With the following contents:   Add the execution bit and run it:   After executing in the current directory in the folder “k8s-manifests” will be saved all manifests ordered by namespaces and types.

GKE – Issuer DNS01

  GCP will be the DNS provider.   YOUR_GCP_PROJECT – Replace with the name of your GCP project   Create an account:   We give him access to the DNS service:   We generate the key:   Create a secret based on the generated key:   Create 2 YAML files for ClusterIssuer.   letsencrypt-staging.yml   … Continue reading "GKE – Issuer DNS01"

GKE – Nginx Ingress Installation Using HELM

  Installation instructions can be found here.   Install HELM locally:   Installing Tiller with RBAC enabled Начиная с Kubernetes v1.8+, RBAC включен по умолчанию.     Checking:   Create Nginx Ingress Controller:   If the following error occurs: Error: release nginx-ingress failed: namespaces "default" is forbidden: User "system:serviceaccount:kube-system:default" cannot get resource "namespaces" in API … Continue reading "GKE – Nginx Ingress Installation Using HELM"

Kubernetes – Status: Evicted

The status “Evicted” means that Pod was “evicted” from the node, as he lacked the resources. This can be observed if you display the following:   In order to remove all pods in the status “Evicted“, do the following:

Kubernetes – CORS enable

To enable CORS in ingress, add the following:   * – allows requests from anywhere, replace it with the domain you need