AWS – Lambda: kubectl

An example of how you can create entities in Kubernetes using AWS Lambda. The function will be in Python3, so we will use Kubernetes Python Client More usage examples can be found here. Since AWS Lambda does not support this package, we will pack the “kubernetes” and “boto3” modules in our function. “boto3” is needed … Continue reading "AWS – Lambda: kubectl"

Jenkins – Kubeconfig

  To store and switch between Kubernetes configurations, you can use the Kubernetes CLI plugin, to work with it, “kubectl” must be installed in the system Install the plugin Go to “Manage Jenkins”   Section “Manage Plugins”   Go to the “Available” tab and in the search indicate “Kubernetes CLI” Install it.   Add Kubernetes … Continue reading "Jenkins – Kubeconfig"

FIX ERROR – CentOS 7 kubectl: Invalid choice: ‘eks’, maybe you meant

When trying to execute any “kubectl” command on an EKS cluster, the following error occurs: Invalid choice: ‘eks’, maybe you meant:   A possible reason for this is the old version of “kubectl” available in the repository.   Solution: Install the latest version of “kubectl” using PIP3   To use “kubectl” installed using PIP, you … Continue reading "FIX ERROR – CentOS 7 kubectl: Invalid choice: ‘eks’, maybe you meant"

 Kubernetes – Save all manifest of an existing cluster

  To save all manifests, create a BASH script:   With the following contents:   Add the execution bit and run it:   After executing in the current directory in the folder “k8s-manifests” will be saved all manifests ordered by namespaces and types.