Nginx – Regular Expression Tester

  For quick testing of Nginx regular expressions, you can use a ready-made docker image. To do this, you need to clone the NGINX-Demos repository:   Follow to the “nginx-regex-tester” directory:   And launch the container using “docker-compose“:   And open the next page: http://localhost/regextester.php  

FIX ERROR – CentOS+Nginx+Jenkins: 502 Bad Gateway

When running Nginx as a reverse proxy to Jenkins on CentOS, a 502 error may occur. Nginx error log will be as follows: 2020/05/07 13:32:33 [crit] 9665#9665: *1 connect() to failed (13: Permission denied) while connecting to upstream, client:, server:, request: “GET / HTTP/1.1”, upstream: “”, host: “”   Solution: Reason SELinux. … Continue reading "FIX ERROR – CentOS+Nginx+Jenkins: 502 Bad Gateway"

 Docker phpMyAdmin – Nginx reverse proxy

For a container with phpMyAdmin, you need to add a variable with an absolute path:     The “location” block for Nginx (change the proxy path to yours):   Now phpMyAdmin will be available along the path:

Nginx – SSL A+

To enhance cryptography, you must use the Diffie-Hellman parameter file with a length of at least 4096 bits. Let’s create a file like this: Will be added to the Nginx config file: You can use the following service to check:

BackupPC 3 – Nginx

  Install “fcgiwrap” Deb system: CentOS:   Add to autorun and run: backuppc.conf