AWS – S3 Allow Access for Organization Members

In order to allow read access from the S3 Bucket for all members included in the organization, the following policy must be applied to the S3 Bucket:   Where "stackset-lambdas" is the S3 Bucket name and "o-xxxxxxxxxx" is your Organization ID.

AWS – S3 Bucket Read-only

We create S3 Bucket, we make it not public, we don’t change anything in the access rights. Immediately find the ARN created baketa. Create a user, on the "Permisson" tab, go to "Attach existing policies directly" and find "AmazonS3ReadOnlyAccess". Let’s see the created user ARN. We return to the settings of S3 Bucket already created … Continue reading "AWS – S3 Bucket Read-only"

BASH – backup sites and MySQL databases on AWS S3

The script finds all folders in a given directory and archives them one by one, copies them to S3 Bucket and deletes them locally. It also receives a list of all MySQL databases, excluding system databases, archives them in turn, sends them to S3 Bucket and deletes them locally.