AWS Cli – Install from PIP

Install Python PIP:


yum install -y python-pip


apt install python-pip

Install AWS CLI:

pip install awscli

You can check the version like this:

aws version

Access setting. Follow the AWS Console to IAM.

Select “Users“, find your own and select. “Security credentials” tab and click on “Create access key“.
We see our “Access key ID” and “Secret access key“, we will save them to ourselves. They are shown or give the CSV file download only once, if you lost access, then you need to create a new pair.

Run the AWS configure:

aws configure

We will set received earlier “Access key ID” and “Secret access key“. You can also specify the default region, for example, “us-east-1“, and the format (json, text).

P.S. For PIP to use Python 3, instead of Python 2, pip3 must be installed.

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